Cantor Abraham Veroba
Praying from the Heart

This CD set will be, with G-d’s help, the first of many. It contains the actual informal experience of learning the Rosh Hashanah davening with Cantor Abraham Veroba.

  NOTE: The traditions set forth here will often contain repeated words and other elements that many may or may not use today. But the objective is not to memorize every passage and song, but to learn and acquire a personalized interpretation of the davening,. You’ll even hear Cantor Veroba himself promoting individual thought and style.


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This rare recorded lesson was one of a few that my father allowed to be recorded. The strict conditions were that everything be listened to, both in music and discussion, so it all would be learned in-context and not simply by memorization..."from the heart."

The sound has been carefully filtered and enhanced from its fragile cassette origins. But one of the great conveniences of this CD is “direct access.” The recording is divided into manageable selections, so you can access specific sections of the davening instantly. Dad would have loved it.


Being that my father was also an avid outdoorsman, I believe he'd appreciate a photo of some Largemouth Bass on his web page.

He loved the relaxation and the connection with nature that came with fresh-water fishing. As a boy, I went with him to his many private spots in the Catskills, where he spent much of his own childhood.

One of our favorite spots was a lake on a remote spot of farmland owned by a family friend, Max Yasgur. Max would give us quarts of regular and chocolate milk to pack with our lunch and wish us luck.

We fished there many times, including a trip (or two?) with Dad's synagogue choir. To this day, I have the privilege of sharing those memories with Matt Pearson, Irv Weintraub and other co-members who became lifetime friends.

When I was a kid, that farm felt like the quietest place on the planet. Ironically, by actual historical record, Woodstock '69 later made it one of the loudest. But for us, it was one of the most peaceful experiences any of us ever had (without the mess).

Coming soon: A complete biography of Cantor Veroba, as well as plans for Volume 2 of "Praying form the Heart."
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